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Natural Systems Limited is a New Zealand based privately-owned renewable energy company.

Our aim is to provide firstly New Zealand and then other locations with the best possible commercial, climate friendly, renewable energy solutions that benefit society and add value to our stakeholders.

Our current major product offerings focus on the dairy industry:

1. BioGenCool(TM) - it's an on-farm waste-to-energy solution

Benefits include reduced effluent runoff and waste, low-pathogen count fertiliser for the farm, reduced peak electrical load & reduced dependency on the transmission grid.  The BioGenCool(TM) has many environmental benefits.

    We turn waste problems into energy AND environmental solutions.

2. Energy Action Plan - it's electricity consulting services for dairy farms

Benefits include dairy electricity and plant cost optimisation.  This service is based on Rural Energy (NZ)'s dairy energy action plan (in partnership with Energy & Technology Services Ltd).

    We help you save electricity AND capital cost.

3. Small Hydro Generation - it's generating electricity from water

We also hold the rights to an innovative hydro electric generation system (in development).

We welcome your enquiry, please contact:

Ian Bywater   
+64 (0)3 376 5547
+64 (0)27 579 6333

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